Тест на знание английского языка.
Уровень B1.

Этот тест рассчитан на тех, кто уже знает грамматический материал на уровне B1 и готов проверить свои знания, чтобы перейти на следующую ступень.


1. -May I come in, Professor? – No, you ________. Nobody
________ be late for my class!

2. -You _______ told your brother such an outright lie!
I really don’t understand why You did it.

3. -Come what _______ but I will never stop trying to
become a champion.

4. -I would like to drink another glass of champagne.
– I ______________ you not.

5. -Have You seen that strange light over there? What
do You think ________?

6. -It is difficult to say how many times we all _____
_______________ by the weather forecast.

7. -There are so many things in our lives that ________
_____________ done but they weren’t.

8. -During our stay at the hotel we all ____________
_______ like a royal family.

9. -Unfortunately no consensus has ________________
at the meeting between the parents and their fiveyear-
old son.

10. -I don’t like not ________________ when I am reading
one of my own poems.

11. -When Prince Ivan was asked by Princess Frog ____
_______ marry her, he was taken aback.

12. -I told you that this orange necktie ____________
your green pyjamas for the party!

13. -I asked the ash-tree where _________ my beloved
one ___________.

14. -The airport information announced that _______
__________ only 10 minutes left till our flight.

15. -The Rabbit asked Winnie-the-Pooh why he _____
____________ all the honey in the barrel.

16. -____________ yourself in trouble don’t hesitate to
call me.

17. -____________ to my party the following day I
would be surprised to say the least.

18. -__________ my best friend I would never tell you
my secret.

19. -______________ to the concert earlier we could
have met a movie star there.

20. -_________________ so suddenly we would not have
got lost in the forest.

21. Заполните пробелы словами, подходящими по смыслу ци-

-Steve Jobs, a founder of Apple Co.:
«If you are working on something ________ that you really
care about, you don’t have ___________. The ____
________ pulls you.»

22. Расставьте слова в пробелы так, чтобы цитата Эйн-
штейна обрела первоначальный смысл:

-Albert Einstein, a physicist:
«Try not to become a _____________, but rather try to
become a ________________.»

23. Расставьте в пробелы необходимые глаголы в правильной

-Walt Disney, an American animator:
«The way to ___________ is to __________ and

24. Заполните пробелы соответствующими предлогами:
-W. H. Auden, a British – American poet:
“We are all here ______ earth to help others; what
_______ earth the others are here ________ I don’t

25. Выберите правильный вариант ответа на детскую загад-
-a Riddle for kids:
«Two brothers we are, great burdens we bear.
On which we are bitterly pressed;
The truth is to say, we are full all the day,
And empty when we go to rest.»


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