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Russia is the largest country in the world. Nowadays more people want to visit Russia, go sightseeing of famous cities, learn Russian traditions and etc. That is why Russian language is one of the popular languages to speak.
Courses are a popular option for whose who are going to travel or work in a Russian speaking environment, and have a limited amount of time to master the language.

Is it difficult to learn Russian?

To be honest, Russian language can be compared with Chinese. The grammar has many different rules, punctuation rules are hard even to native speakers, and intonation is difficult to understand sometimes.

To improve your Russian, you need to be able to practice Russian the more the better.

The ability to communicate with people from other country opens the door to the world of opportunities.

What the course look like?

intensive russian courseIntensive classes are designed for learners who would like to immerse themselves into Russian language and get Russian knowledge at courses faster.
Also courses are perfect for those who want focus on oral language skills.

• Mini classes up to 3-4 students make your spoken Russian more fluent;
• Intensive Russian classes give a solid foundation of students’ knowledge of Russian. During the course students are able to raise their language level;

• Explore Russian culture;

• Intensive classes put special attention to the topics that are useful for you to communicate with people;
• Be more confident after the course;
• If you need to prepare for an university/TRKI exam quickly.
This is the more convenient way to learn Russian language faster.
The course includes a rich program of activities in the language: speaking club, listening to Russian music, watching Russian films, discussion serials and using appropriate expression, karaoke with Russian songs.
intensive russian language coursesThe activity’s goal is to help you to:
• Explore Russian culture and discover real life in Russian big cities and small towns;
• Improve your Russian communication skills;

• Boost your general language skills;

• Work on good pronunciation at our courses.

Which school to choose?

Russian language is one of the most difficult languages in the world. And this is why you need to choose the Language School more carefully.
Capital School Center is the most innovative language center. We are offer you the special intensive program in Russian that is perfect for every student. SMART technology helps a lot in the education process. We let our students talk not with daily words and phrases repetition but using special method to do it.
We were highly evaluated by our international partners – London Language School and SMART Technology Company. We are the best in our sphere.
We set our goals to help students talk without fear. We clearly understand that people are different. Some of them need an hour to make head or tail of grammar exercise, other need more time and much attention. Some people have no accent, other hardly pronounce words clear.
Don’t be afraid of challenges. When you can handle the difficulties, you become more confident, steady. Our high-qualified teachers offer different courses serve the needs of the beginners as whose, who has already studying Russian.

All our language programs are effective and show positive results in education language process.

If you have any questions, you can call us and we will give you answers.
Don’t put aside your education. It is contribution in your future.

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